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Amy Theresa (Grosso) Piacentino; a scientist, a well known radio personality, and an American published Glamour Model.

She is a member of The American Academy of Chemistry, and a creator for all things vitamin and nutraceutical.

Amy is a proud New Jersey native born and raised, who graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Clinical Nutrition/ Food Science, and a focus heavily on biochemistry in her career.

Her love of inborn errors of metabolism, pharmacokinetics, nutraceutical science, and vitamins, has led her to creating very successful products in the market that many take today.

Some are surprised to learn that she is a scientist, and all that she has accomplished in her early career; but this is her passion. It shows with hundreds of formulations and the latest patent pill delivery system she created that has exploded a craze in the pill industry.

As a health lecturer, Amy educates many on the science of blood and body systems.

Amy believes in mentoring, especially young girls in science, and doing charity to give back.

She opened a center in Beverly Hills CA for individuals who want to experience what their personal blood trends show in relationship to their nutritional needs, imbalances, and body chemistry.

Over the years Amy has been sought out by many Nutrition Companies to help sell and endorse their products to better serve the public and bridge the gap of understanding for education, protocol management, science, and health success.

Also known as The Sex Scientist ® on Playboy Radio Sirius/XM, she has created
the #1 selling Sex Pill in the U.S. used by men and women everywhere, and safe for those on medications or with health concerns.

She is currently working in many facets of research and human nutrition, lecturing across the United States, along with creating new inventions, and health pills worldwide.

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